Mizzou musical excellence

A photo of the Mizzou Brass Quintet.
(From left to right) Graduate Student Dakota Bartel, Professor Amanda Collins, Graduate Student Theo Learnard, Professor Timothy Howe and Professor Iskander Akhmadullin of the Mizzou Brass Quintet.

At the invitation of School of Music Professor Iskander Akhmadullin, my wife, Suzanne, and I attended our first in-person recital at the Sinquefield Music Center this past Sunday. We were guests for the afternoon performance of the Mizzou Brass Quintet. The Quintet played a variety of music ranging from Jennifer Higdon to Victor Ewald to Jelly Roll Morton.

So many of us have gone without attending musical performances and hearing live music over the last year. Being able to attend this performance and hear live music from a virtuosic group of musicians was very special! I can’t wait to attend even more of these events in the coming months from across our arts community as we slowly (and cautiously) return to these wonderful activities.

— Mun