#CampusClear monitoring begins Monday, October 19

Campus Community:

Thank you for your diligence in helping Mizzou curb the number of active COVID-19 cases in our community. In an effort to further encourage this downward trend, we are reminding you to download the #CampusClear appon your smartphone if you haven’t already. Students, staff and faculty are required to monitor their health on a daily basis. The #CampusClear app helps support this healthy habit.

To encourage app usage, the university will begin checking your #CampusClear app with monitoring stations at Ellis Library and MizzouRec beginning Monday, October 19. You will need to show your “Good to Go!” screen at these locations to indicate you are cleared for campus. The university plans to phase in additional screening locations in the coming weeks.

In addition, faculty have been encouraged to take a moment at the beginning of class and remind students to complete symptom monitoring with the #CampusClear app. This practice, along with our monitoring stations, will further reinforce valuable habits that help protect the health and safety of our campus community.

If you are unable to access or use the app, you can complete a manual screening at these locations. The screening will include having your temperature taken and verbally confirming you do not have any symptoms associated with COVID-19. Remember, downloading the app or completing the screening process can take a few extra minutes, so please plan accordingly.

As always, you should maintain social distancing, wear your face covering and follow other Show Me Renewal precautions in addition to monitoring yourself for symptoms. Thank you for doing your part to keep yourself and other members of our campus community safe.

Tigers support Tigers!

Mark Diedrich
Incident Commander, MU Incident Command Team
Director of Emergency Management, UM System