Dear university faculty and staff,

Thank you for your dedication and commitment to our university community during a challenging year. While many of you have been working on campus, others are contributing through remote or hybrid work arrangements.

As more of our university community is vaccinated against COVID-19, our lives begin to transition to pre-pandemic days. Boone County’s vaccination rate leads the state with more than 44 percent of us having at least one dose of the vaccine. We strongly encourage everyone to get vaccinated. Vaccinations are still readily available throughout our area.

We are grateful for these numbers and for a steadily low number of active cases in our area. These factors allow us to plan for employees who are still working remotely to resume in-person work on May 17. After May 17 — or mid-August for faculty with 9-month appointments — we expect everyone to engage in on-campus activities consistent with your position and academic unit. As a residential university, your interactions with students and your colleagues are critically important to achieve academic, research and engagement success.

For the time being, our indoor working and learning environment will continue to provide six feet distance between people. Because we are returning at a time when guidelines are shifting, we continually evaluate changes from county, state, and federal public health officials and monitor our community public health situation. Please continue to refer to the university’s Show Me Renewal website to stay up to date with latest safety expectations on campus.

Your supervisor will work with you to establish the details of your return. For some teams, space consolidations will result in exceptions to an in-person return. Remote work arrangements will be limited and will move through a centralized approval process led by Human Resources. There are also exceptions for those who require ADA accommodations. You can read hereabout how this process will work.

A hearty welcome back to everyone now returning to campus. Make sure to check out our staff recognition activities offered the week of May 17. We cannot wait to enjoy the in-person community that makes Mizzou so special and look forward to this day with anticipation and hope.

Thank you.

Marsha Fischer
Vice President for Human Resources
Chief Human Resources Officer (CHRO)
Chief Equal Opportunity Officer (CEOO)

Patty Haberberger
Associate Vice Chancellor for Human Resources