A legacy of excellence at the J-School

A photo of President Choi visiting the Missouri School of Journalism.

On a recent campus stop, I met with faculty and staff from the Missouri School of Journalism – the first (and best) of its kind.

Student outcomes at the J-School are terrific. Their 82% graduation rate is above our university average. The graduation rates for Black & African American students, Hispanic students and Pell recipients are also impressive, ranging from nine to 21 points above our university averages. We’re looking at additional ways to raise these rates even higher.

J-School faculty are experts at creating new hands-on opportunities for students. During our discussion, I heard an update on the Mississippi River Basin Ag & Water Desk. In February, The Associated Press picked up their exciting work, reaching an even wider readership less than six months after releasing a five-part multimedia series on rainfall in the river basin.

I also encouraged faculty to nominate colleagues for MizzouForward. We’re hiring nationally recognized leaders in all fields and are eager to collaborate with talented journalism faculty representing a variety of specialties.

The school brings in high-quality students from all over the world. After more than a hundred years, our Missouri Method of experiential learning remains a model of innovation.

— Mun