Connecting Tiger brain power

A photo of Dr. Peter Salivas delivering the keynote address at the MU Brain Science Symposium.
Dr. Peter Kalivas, Medical University of South Carolina, was the keynote speaker.

Neuroscience researchers from around campus came together for our first interdisciplinary Brain Science Symposium.

Representatives from five MU schools and colleges highlighted research pushing the frontiers of innovation. Faculty presented on a range of projects, including reverse engineering brain circuits, creating targeted addiction treatments and improving detection of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. At the closing reception, undergraduate, graduate and professional students displayed more than 35 posters of their own research.

Brain science is a topic too complex for any one area. That’s why Mizzou is reaching across disciplines to link researchers with the wealth of expertise on our campus.

Initiatives like NextGen Precision Health have already ushered in a renewed spirit of collaboration. The Brain Science Symposium builds off this important work to grow our research mission and generate new discoveries.

— Mun