Maize researchers win career achievement awards

A photo collage of Kathleen Newton and David Braun
Kathleen Newton and David Braun

Two faculty members were recently honored for their groundbreaking careers researching maize (corn), one of Missouri’s leading crops.

Kathleen Newton, professor emerita of biological sciences, received the R. Emerson Lifetime Maize Genetics Award. David Braun, professor of biological sciences and plant sciences, received the L. Stadler Mid-Career Maize Genetics Award. Both were recognized by the Maize Genetics Cooperation.

Prof. Emerita Newton is the third member of MU’s world-renowned Interdisciplinary Plant Group to receive the lifetime achievement award. Mizzou is the only university with multiple recipients.

Prof. Braun’s award is named after Lewis J. Stadler, who held a joint appointment at MU and the USDA for more than 30 years. Stadler co-discovered that X-rays cause mutations, a tool now commonly used in plant research. Prof. Braun continues that tradition of excellence as director of the Interdisciplinary Plant Group and the Missouri Maize Center.

We are leaders in ag research and stewards of a legacy that continues to deliver for all Missourians.

— Mun