A photo of Jesse Hall and the Columns

This is the second post in a series on the four University of Missouri values — Respect, Responsibility, Discovery, Excellence — and how they guide our mission as the state’s flagship, land-grant university.

A few weeks ago, we welcomed back many of our MU staff members for in-person work. I’m pleased to once again see so many colleagues around our beautiful campus.

None of this progress would be possible without our incredible staff who — like all Tigers — found new ways to work under trying circumstances. Together, we proved that we are resilient and can use technology to improve collaboration.

Responsibility is about our obligations to each other and — as a land-grant university — to the citizens of Missouri. For many months, that meant a radical change to the routines that shape our lives. Because of all you accomplished, we overcame so many challenges and had a safe and successful year.

Looking ahead, I’m excited for our full in-person return this fall and the resumption of traditions that define the MU community. Thank you again to all of our staff, faculty and students for the many ways you contribute to our university’s mission.

— Mun