Welcoming our new students

A photo of students and their family members passing by Jesse Hall while participating in Summer Welcome.
Students and their family members pass by Jesse Hall while participating in Summer Welcome. (Photo by Sam O’Keefe, University of Missouri.)

The fall semester begins in less than two months, and our Summer Welcome team is hard at work greeting all of our new students. Since June, they have shown thousands of Tigers (and their families) around the University of Missouri — and they’ll continue throughout the next few weeks.

Summer Welcome is an overview of all things Mizzou, and our Student Affairs staff and Summer Welcome student leaders are eager to share everything students need to be successful. Our new Tigers learn about supportive resources, such as the Writing Center and Counseling Center, as well as ways to get involved and meet new friends through student organizations and extracurricular activities. I’ve had the chance to speak with several groups of new students, and it’s been great to share their enthusiasm and help introduce them to our community.

A photo of Summer Welcome student leaders and new students gathering outside Conservation Hall.
Summer Welcome student leaders and new students gather outside Conservation Hall. (Photo by Sam O’Keefe, University of Missouri.)

No matter your interests, there’s a place for you on campus. If you’re a new Tiger, be sure to get involved, make connections and explore all Mizzou has to offer. There are so many resources (and caring people) who can help you be successful and achieve excellence.

Welcome to all of our new students! MIZ!

— Mun