COVID update: Self-reporting suspended

Dear Mizzou Community,

On behalf of Incident Command, we want to thank you for your work, dedication and support over the past two years as we have managed through the pandemic as a community.

We have reached a new stage as vaccination and testing availability, treatments, and changes in guidance from the Centers from Disease Control have all evolved. In recognition of this changed reality, President Mun Choi has suspended UM System policy HR-702, which set requirements and expectations of staff and faculty regarding COVID-19 safety practices. At this point, faculty and staff members are expected to manage their own personal health regarding COVID as they do for other contagious illnesses. We encourage everyone to follow the latest guidance on the CDC website.

The following requirements are suspended:

Supervisors are no longer required to submit forms for faculty and staff who report positive cases.
Students are no longer required to submit reports of positive COVID tests to the university. Students may inform their instructors to discuss arrangements for their studies to continue during an illness.

It’s important to note that some practices described in the suspended policy will continue based on authority that exists outside of HR-702, such as time off measures for those who are sick and vaccination policies for MU Health Care personnel.

Since we are no longer requiring individuals to self-report positive cases to the university, we also have suspended the data-tracking dashboard. The Show Me Renewal website has been transitioned to a COVID-19 information webpage ( that links to archived COVID-19 data.

As has been the case for the last two years, if circumstances change, we will adapt, adjust or reinstitute suspended policies as needed. At this time, Incident Command is no longer meeting on a regular basis, but can be reconvened as needed. We continue to encourage everyone to monitor your health, be aware of any symptoms, and stay home if you are sick with COVID or other illnesses.

Thank you for your continued efforts to support the health of our community.


John Middleton
Operations Section Chief
MU Incident Command Team

Mark Diedrich
Incident Commander
MU Incident Command Team