Message from Vice Chancellor Gibler Regarding Student Housing Discount

Dear Mizzou students,

Thank you for your incredible resilience and commitment to your education during this challenging and uncertain time. Wherever you may be, I hope you are safe and in good spirits. As our soft rollout of remote learning continues to proceed, the indomitable strength of character of our Tiger community has never been more apparent.

Due to these unprecedented and continually evolving circumstances, we have decided to make a few changes to provide financial relief for our students and their families.

Our first priority is to ensure the health and safety of our community, and we are strongly encouraging students to return home if they have the ability to do so. To that end, a housing discount of 45% of the current semester cost will be available for any student who vacates their residence hall by April 3. While dining and residence halls will remain accessible for those who need them to continue their studies, those who have the means to vacate should do so.

We recognize that every student’s situation will look different — for those who receive financial aid, for example, some of this discount may go back to the funding source rather than directly to the student. MU is committed to working with those who have extenuating circumstances to find a solution.

In addition, we are providing the following:

  • Unused dining plans will roll over to a future semester for returning students.
  • Graduating seniors and others with extenuating circumstances will be able to convert the remainder of their dining plans to a credit to their university account at a determined market value.
  • A $80 refund of the Recreation Center fee will be applied to your student account due to the closure of the MizzouRec facility.
  • All late payments and financing charges will also be waived until the end of the semester.
  • You will not receive a bill until the refund process has been put in place and communicated to you.
  • If the above adjustments produce a credit balance on the student account, a refund will be issued to the student. More information about refunds can be found by visiting the Cashiers Office.

More details on these actions will be coming no later than March 27. Be assured that waiting to make a decision until these details are released will not reduce the availability or amount of the discount. We encourage students and their families to work with a financial aid advisor for any questions they might have about impacts on financial aid or other concerns. We understand there are questions about other costs, and we are in active discussion about a list of other topics that have been raised. We will continue to update you as decisions are made.

In the meantime, please practice social distancing to keep yourself and your community healthy. Remember that Mizzou is here for you, and keep apprised of updates on campus operations by visiting MU Alert.

To everyone in our Mizzou family: Please remain healthy, happy and studious.


Rhonda Gibler, PhD, Vice Chancellor for Finance