New COVID Policies: Events Restrictions, Notification Mandate & App

Dear campus community,

As you know, more than 130 administrators, faculty and staff continue to work together with public health experts to develop safety plans that support our return to campus. We’ve implemented a number of policies and procedures for our UM System employees and our MU students, faculty and staff aimed at preventing the spread of COVID-19. Today, we want to make you aware of new policies, effective immediately, and a new app coming soon that will be critical as we work to ensure safety on our campus this fall.

Event Restrictions

Our new events policy prohibits university faculty, staff and students from holding or participating in events with more than 20 people. An event is defined as a communal gathering on or off campus, outside of a classroom setting, lasting longer than 15 minutes. Please note that this new policy uses a lower limit than Boone County’s maximum of 100 attendees.

Additionally, events held by outside groups will largely be prohibited, with rare exceptions. For example, MU will continue to serve as a polling location for the Nov. 3 election, and we are working with the Boone County Clerk’s office to ensure proper safety measures are implemented.

Event organizers from campus organizations can request special approval for an event with more than 20 attendees by completing the COVID-19 Event Request form. Exceptions will be granted only for events that support MU’s academic mission in which participants are required to adhere to strict social distancing, face covering requirements, and specific protocols related to serving food and beverages.

In accordance with existing university policy, face coverings will be required for all indoor events and at outdoor events where a 6-foot social distance between participants cannot be maintained. Event organizers are required to have a supply of extra face coverings on hand for guests who forget their own. Face coverings and other protective supplies can be purchased using this Mizzou Store form.

Event setup should be arranged with appropriate social distancing between attendees, including for chairs in rows or around tables.

Speakers and/or performers will not be required to wear a face covering while speaking or performing, as long as a distance of 6 feet or more can be maintained between attendees and the speaker/performer.

The full events policy can be viewed at

COVID-19 Positive Diagnosis Notification Requirement

All students, faculty and staff are required to notify the university if they receive a positive COVID-19 diagnosis. Students must notify the MU Student Health Center within four hours of receiving their positive test results by submitting a secure online form. Within the same time frame, students also must notify their instructors that they will not be attending class so instructors can make arrangements to help the student continue their studies remotely, if they are able.

The online student form will ask the individual about their whereabouts on campus two days before being tested and whether they live on or off campus. The form will be used to alert students about resources until they receive guidance from a case investigator.

Faculty, staff and student employees who test positive are expected to notify their supervisor along with their dean or division leader.

Information about positive cases will be kept strictly confidential under federal privacy laws regarding education and the university’s human resources policies. The information will be used to inform next steps, such as determining which public areas need deep cleaning, assisting with learning or adapting work arrangements.

Boone County public health officials, case investigators and contact tracers will be the only individuals responsible for working with positive individuals to identify their close contacts.

Symptom-Tracking App

MU will soon roll out a symptom-tracking app, #Campus Clear. The university already requires students, faculty and staff to complete a daily symptom and temperature checklist. This tool is provided to inspire one of the most important preventions our community has: for all of us to instill a daily habit of carefully considering our symptoms, checking our temperatures, and staying home at any signs of illness. Once the user completes the screening, they will receive notification indicating whether they are approved to come to campus. The app will also work as a pass to provide access to various locations on campus. The specific locations are being determined.

Students, staff and faculty are required to use the app. If an individual is not able to use the app, they are still required to monitor their symptoms and temperature daily. If an individual does not have the app and is entering a specified location, they will have their temperature taken and be asked about their symptoms.

The safety of our students, faculty and staff is our number one priority. We believe these measures contribute to the health of our university community.

We thank you for your diligence and commitment to a safe fall semester.

Tigers Support Tigers!

Mun Y. Choi, Ph.D.
President, University of Missouri System
Chancellor, University of Missouri

Latha Ramchand, Ph. D.
Provost and Executive Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, University of Missouri