September 25, 2018

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Sept. 25, 2018

Dear Mizzou community,

This week, I’m in Thailand visiting with some of our exceptional partners in education. I’ll be traveling to different cities and speaking at Khon Kaen University on Mizzou’s success in innovation, all while getting to experience the tremendous community of people and ideas that help Mizzou fulfill its mission of global impact. Our College of Engineering’s partnership with King Mongkut’s University of Technology Thonburi (KMUTT) illustrate how cross-cultural collaborations can help solve the world’s grand challenges. And for nearly 40 years, Prince of Songkla University’s (PSU) Faculty of Education and our own College of Education have dedicated themselves to educating teachers worldwide who go on to prepare tomorrow’s leaders.

It’s truly amazing to see the reach of our great university and the excellence of the Tiger community so far away from home. From the cities of Thailand to the communities of Brazil, the University of Missouri’s extraordinary people, knowledge, research and creativity are changing the world.

Alexander N. Cartwright, PhD
University of Missouri

Anthropology graduate students and faculty explore 1918 flu epidemic at international conference

In early September, Taylor Paskoff, a doctoral student; Megan Murray, a master’s student; and Professor Lisa Sattenspiel, all from the Department of Anthropology, traveled to Oslo Metropolitan University in Norway to present talks on the societal impact of the 1918 flu. This conference was part of an international, interdisciplinary meeting designed to explore the cultural ramifications of one of the world’s most pervasive (and ongoing) disease challenges.

Nurses in the 1918 flu pandemic

Is there one “right” kind of English? Assistant professor in the College of Education investigates

With over eight distinct cultural dialects of English used in the U.S. alone, Assistant Professor Mike Metz from the College of Education investigated how students decide what the “right” kind of spoken English is. Using a diverse group of high school students from San Francisco, Metz discovered that a young person’s parents — more than race or class — determined an individual’s outlook on the value of certain English dialects.

Young students in a classroom

Extension’s Dairy Grazing Apprenticeship puts new life into a storied industry

America’s dairy industry is struggling, with five to 10 percent of dairy farms closing each year. A big part of the problem? Labor shortages. That’s why MU Extension dairy specialist Ted Probert, who is also the Dairy Grazing Apprenticeship’s (DGA) education coordinator for Missouri, is working with graziers in south-central Missouri to offer monthly “pasture walks” that can help revitalize this important industry.

Dairy Cow

Celebrate Ability Week showcases campus accessibility and success

Next week, MU hosts the ninth annual Celebrate Ability Week. With events including educational dialogues by MU’s disability leaders to the presentation of the Lee Henson Award honoring champions of disability awareness and advocacy on campus, the university reaffirms its commitment to diversity and its excellence in accessibility.

Flyer for Celebrate Ability Week