MU Activity Analysis

Feb. 12, 2018

Dear colleagues,

Earlier today, you received a message from President Choi regarding the next step in the UM System’s FY18 Administrative Review project: an Activity Analysis designed to help us better understand the distribution of staff work across all four campuses.

Faculty and staff members from across the UM System serve on an advisory committee for the Administrative Review project. This includes representatives from MU’s Staff Advisory Council and Faculty Council, Chrissy Kintner and Dr. Camila Manrique. When it became evident that comprehensive data collection was going to be part of next steps in the Administrative Review process, the advisory committee asked that staff be able to provide this data, which led us to this Activity Analysis.

Starting next Monday, February 19 all non-faculty staff, excluding MU Health, will be asked to complete a survey. Your participation in this survey is critical to ensuring that we have the accurate data to make informed decisions as we continue working to become a stronger and more efficient organization. Your voice is important in this process. In addition to providing vital information through a survey, you will have an opportunity to share additional feedback and ideas about how we can improve efficiencies as a next step in this process.

On Thursday, you will be receiving more information about how to best prepare for the survey as well as information on incentives for its completion. Resources and additional information can be found here. If you have questions specific to our campus, please contact Mackenzie Moorefield, our MU representative for the Activity Analysis.

Please know that any resulting decisions by MU leaders will be made thoughtfully and carefully with a goal to strengthen our ability to provide exceptional education, life-changing research and service to the people of Missouri and beyond. The work you do to help us achieve that mission is valued and appreciated.


Alexander N. Cartwright