Updated April 21, 2020, 4:19 p.m.

How has or how will the University of Missouri change recruitment efforts to offset a potential shortfall in tuition this fall? 

The university expects to return to in-person operations for the fall and is eager to welcome new and returning students. The Enrollment Management team has been communicating frequently with students planning to attend this fall and those who have been admitted but have not yet accepted. The team is also reaching out to other students to remind them about Mizzou’s high-quality, affordable education. The university is working to have many precautions in place for fall to provide a safe learning environment.

How can the community help the university attract students for the fall?

There are many ways the community can participate. Mizzou Alumni Association members have been reaching out to new and returning students. The community can help let students know we are looking forward to bringing them back in the fall, and that we are working on plans to make our return to in-person educational and social experiences safe.

Is the university already seeing signs of changes in fall 2020 enrollment numbers?

Mizzou is actively working with students and parents to encourage them to come back in the fall. The university is also monitoring admissions acceptances and requests for deposit cancellations. Thus far, the university has more fall acceptances for first-time college freshmen and transfer students than it did in 2019. The university is also carefully monitoring whether current students will return.

What effect would lower enrollment have on campus services for students, housing, meals, work study, etc.?

The university would have to adjust capacities, but would provide the room and board services that students would need. Even in this time of challenge, a high-quality education for our students is a high priority.