Teaching and learning

Updated April 28, 2020, 4:50 p.m.

Are there plans to consolidate duplicated programs across UM System universities or offer more degree programs online?  

University leaders are evaluating all options for offering efficient, high-quality programs and courses. Leaders across the UM System are considering ways to create synergies by consolidating opportunities at the university level and systemwide.

The university’s nimble transition to online learning demonstrated UM System faculty members can effectively deliver courses remotely. In order to respond to the current health and financial crises, maintain learning continuity and provide flexibility, university leaders will explore options to increase eLearning, remote learning and hybrid learning opportunities. This important step will help ensure MU meets the needs of its students and may provide additional revenue for the university moving forward.

What remote learning tools has the university provided to ensure students maintain their quality of education going forward?

The university purchased a university-wide license for Zoom that allows all faculty and staff to access the professional version of Zoom. The UM System has provided resources for faculty and students on the Keep Learning website. The university is also distributing hot spots to students who lack internet access and free eBooks that cover more than 70 percent of all classes across the entire UM System.

Mizzou’s Division of Information Technology continues to provide support to students and faculty facing any challenges with online learning.

Why did the university add satisfactory/unsatisfactory grade options?

After final grades have been posted, students have the option from May 18 to June 5 to retain the letter grade earned in a course or select satisfactory/unsatisfactory. This adjusted policy was provided as a compassionate, flexible response that allows students to select the option in their best interest and also upholds the university’s academic standards. For more information, visit the Office of the University Registrar’s website.

The university recognizes that some programs have specific grade requirements, policies and standards associated with accreditation and licensure requirements. Individual schools and units are working with students in those programs to be flexible while still upholding standards.

Is there anything the university can do to ensure that professors will give more weight to student performance prior to the crisis?

The university has encouraged instructors to shift their assessment practices and policies this semester, and has given them many different resources to do this, including ones developed by the Office of eLearning and the Teaching for Learning Center.

The MU Disability Center continues to be a resource to support our students remotely.

My daughter will be a senior in the fall, and a graduation requirement is an internship. Given the current situation, are there opportunities to help undergrads find internships that still are available, or is there any way to waive this requirement so that my daughter still graduates on time?

Internships are critically important experiential learning opportunities, and the university continues to support them.
For the summer, the university is encouraging internships and clinical placements be done remotely if possible. If that’s not an option, schools and colleges will work to identify alternative experiences to replace the internship.

In-person or hybrid internships, and clinical placement for credit, should only be considered if there is no longer a stay-at-home order and when we can assure the safety and well-being of our students.

How are you handling classes that require hands-on learning, like nursing and education, as well as lab classes in engineering in which the labs were canceled?

Some lab classes can be done remotely. In other cases, when it is essential for the student to be present physically, the university is working with deans and department chairs on a case-by-case basis to see how we can bring those students back in small groups when there is no longer a stay-at-home order and when we can assure the safety and well-being of our students.

How will finals week work?
The university is encouraging instructors to be flexible and understanding of students’ needs. Each instructor determines the format of their finals.