University facilities and events

Updated April 28, 2020, 4:51 p.m.

What are the alternative options to spring commencement?

Nothing will stop Mizzou from celebrating our graduates. On May 15 and 16, the Mizzou community will recognize 2020 graduates’ accomplishments with a Virtual Celebration on Mizzou’s social media channels and online. In addition, all spring 2020 graduates will be invited back to campus for an in-person commencement event at a later date. More details about this will be posted when available.

What has been done to sanitize the campus, and how can we be assured that it will be safe to return?

Mizzou increased sanitizing efforts on high-touch surfaces in late January. As more information about COVID-19 became available, Mizzou used CDC-recommended cleaning and disinfecting guidelines, and the entire campus was thoroughly cleaned days after the stay-at-home order started. Mizzou’s custodians have returned to a regular schedule and have started another deep-cleaning effort.

Over the last weeks in April, all restrooms, offices, classrooms and auditoriums will be cleaned again and a custodian will post a sign that says: “This room has been cleaned and disinfected to CDC standards.” Personal items in an office, such as a stapler, books, keyboard/computer, etc., must be cleaned by the office occupant.

Each building’s main entrances will have hand sanitizer dispensers, and staff will place dispensers at other entrances as they become available.

Is there a short-term plan to allow faculty and staff to return to their offices to gather essential materials, perhaps in May or June?

A plan is underway. University leaders are trying to determine how to accommodate faculty and staff while continuing safe practices and social distancing. Plans need to ensure a large number of people do not return to campus at once.

When will we be able to gather at facilities like Mizzou Arena and the MU Student Center again?

Mizzou will rely on the State of Missouri and CDC recommendations; it’s too early to tell when large crowds can return to university facilities.

The Museum of Art and Archaeology is such a necessary resource for students, faculty and the community at large. Now, more than ever, we look to the arts for intuiting how to navigate the future when the world has changed. What will you be doing to reopen and strengthen the museum’s foundation?

Mizzou’s museums are essential for faculty, students and staff, as they add value to the university’s teaching and research missions. Museums, the University Concert Series and sports events all bring citizens to campus and add value to Missouri. The Museum of Art and Archaeology will reopen, but university leaders do not know when. Reopening decisions will follow the State of Missouri and CDC guidelines.

Staff moved the Museum of Art and Archaeology out of Pickard Hall for environmental issues and the Museum of Anthropology for the renovation of Swallow Hall. The goal is to return the museums to campus in what is now the Student Success Center.

Operations leaders are unsure if these museum moves, originally scheduled for next year, will still occur at that time due to budget constraints. However, these moves are an important part of the campus space reduction strategy. Operations staff will continue to consider options for vacating Mizzou North to save maintenance and annual operating costs.

Since the summer session is taking place online and runs through the end of July, are people encouraged to stay off campus? Is the campus essentially shut down until Aug. 1?

University leaders are encouraging people to wait to return to campus until supervisors notify staff. Operations staff do not want an influx of people in campus buildings until staff can ensure it is safe. Administration is working on how to repopulate campus safely, following CDC, state and county guidelines. As soon as we are able, we will begin notifying the campus community when and how faculty and staff will be able to return to campus.

Walking outside on campus and enjoying Mizzou’s beauty is fine as long as social distancing is practiced.

Can you please comment on any campus construction projects that have been delayed due to COVID-19? What is the anticipated timeframe for moving forward with other essential infrastructure projects on our campus?

Administration is reviewing all of Mizzou’s capital projects, both large and small.

  • The NextGen Precision Health Institute project remains on time and on budget, with an expected completion date of October 2021.
  • The Sinclair School of Nursing $29 million expansion project was underway, but it has been paused for 120 days to determine the campus financial situation.
  • Women and Children’s Hospital $26 million exterior replacement project will be re-evaluated.
  • Smaller infrastructure projects (roofs, water line improvements, Mizzou Store renovations, etc.) totaling about $15 million have also been paused until leaders have a better idea of the economic situation.